Ultimate Beginners Guide to Power BI

Premium Power BI training for individuals looking to develop their analytical thinking and capabilities

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An outline of this training course

This comprehensive free training course is to give any user fresh to Power BI an overview of all the introductory concepts of how to use Power BI as an analytical tool. The focus of the course is to step by step work through a real-world scenario so you can understand how data can start from it's rawest form and be developed into a compelling analytical solution using Power BI. Power BI is much more that just a visualisation tool, it is an analytical engine that can help you find valuable insights that can drive decision making within organisations. This course aims to teach you how you can achieve this yourself through utilising the key features within the Power BI suite.

Details of what you will learn during this course
  • Learn - how to use Power BI as an analytical engine, turning raw data into unmatched insights
  • Save - mountains of time by learning how to automate analysis and reporting
  • Learn - how to look at raw data and then apply Power BI and DAX to find answers
  • Learn - how to find the insights that make a difference and add value to decision making
  • Develop - compelling visualisations that showcase insights that will add value to business discussions and actions

What you get with the course
  • 3 hours of course video content
  • 1x demo data set to practice developing Power BI reports with
  • 1x advanced Power BI model & report (pbix file) showcasing all the examples used during the course
  • 20 question quiz to test your knowledge and understanding of the course content

Here are the specifics for the course
Learn how to;
  • Develop a best practice Power BI model
  • Plan Power BI development before you start
  • Query, transform and load data
  • Create a data model
  • Write DAX measures
  • Develop compelling reports and visualisations
  • Publish to the Power BI online service
  • Create dashboards
  • Use the Q&A feature
  • Use other online service features

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"I've found DAX really hard, but it makes far more sense now. The explanations are clear and more simplified than I've read and watched elsewhere which is what I needed. The examples are great too." - Scott T. - Michigan "I've been looking for resources like this everywhere but couldn't find any. So good to have these all in one place, with detailed explanations on how to build this myself. Seriously awesome stuff." - Renee M. - Melbourne "I just started learning Power BI with the courses on this page and they are awesome and easy to follow and understand, even if English is not your origin language.." - Álvaro, Chile

Your Instructor

Sam McKay
Sam McKay

Sam very early on saw the immense opportunity of using Power BI to create analytical solutions. After years of developing some advanced analysis and tools in excel, he was amazed that he could re-create most of those things in about 10% of the time with Power BI.

He is the founder and CEO at Enterprise DNA, a business intelligence training & consultancy business primarily focused on driving better decision making within organisations by empowering individuals and teams to transform raw data into unmatched insights using Microsoft's Power BI suite of tools.

Sam has a strong history in Finance, previously working at ANZ, PIMCO, and Fonterra. He is also a CFA charterholder, achieving the designation in 2011.

He has a passion for building highly scalable analytical solutions within organisations, and wants to see others learn how to do the same.

Course Curriculum

  Data Modelling
Available in days
days after you enroll

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is an on-demand course that you can view at any time once you are enrolled
Can I download the course modules?
Yes they are all available for download and watching offline
How long do I have access to the course?
If you purchase this course individually, you will obtain lifetime access. If you upgrade to Membership or our CoE, this is an annual subscription.
What if I want to learn more about Power BI?
This is a perfect beginner to intermediate course to Power BI. If you want to become a Power BI super user and DAX master you may want to look into purchasing an Enterprise DNA Membership.
Is there any catch to this being free?
Absolutely none whatsoever. I want you to learn as much as you can about Power BI and become a very proficient user. If you want to then take things up another level and become a super user of Power BI then you may then want to look into the paid training at Enterprise DNA

Passionate about empowering users of Power BI

"My goal is to teach others that you have almost unlimited analytical power when harnessing all the features in Power BI.

Through training across a number of different mediums, I've reached over 100,000 Power BI users, showing them a range of tips and tricks in Power BI development.

I'm a true believer that Power BI is the future of analysis and know individuals with the right training can now create advanced analytics in a scalable way that can have a real impact in the way insights are found and consumed within organisations."

Sam McKay, CFA - Founder & CEO, Enterprise DNA

"Sam and EnterpriseDNA have taken my PowerBI to the next level. The courses are excellently well presented. Sam's extensive experience in building BI tools means the tutorials and webinars are always relevant and always hit the mark. Enterprise DNA is a 5* resource - I highly recommend."- David Nightingale, Johannesburg South Africa   "I came across Enterprise DNA through one of the free YouTube videos. After getting a lot of valuable info for free, I felt ready to dig deeper into PowerBi in general and DAX in particular, and the membership here certainly has given me good value for money therefore I highly recommend signing a membership." - Erik Jacobsen, Scandinavian   "I have been in the Analytics and Data Warehouse space for about 20 years and have been a serious advocate of Power BI from it’s inception. I am excited to become a member of this forum, having review as many of Sam’s vidoes as I could and have enefited significantly from his tutelage." - Brad - Canada

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